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libconfig is a compact, portable library for reading, manipulating, and writing structured configuration files. The library includes bindings for both the C and C++ languages, and works on Linux, Mac OS X, and other POSIX-compliant operating systems, as well as Windows. A complete manual with API documentation is included.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Sep 2012 18:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes a minor parsing bug and addresses the Visual Studio compiler errors in the unit tests.

    •  12 Aug 2011 07:42

      Release Notes: This version includes some bugfixes, documentation updates, and minor code cleanup. In addition, semicolons are now optional in the grammar.

      •  14 Mar 2011 05:56

        Release Notes: This release fixes a memory leak and adds some minor feature enhancements.

        •  25 Oct 2010 07:18

          Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes and some minor feature enhancements.

          •  05 May 2010 04:59

            Release Notes: This release includes a bugfix and some code cleanup to eliminate compiler warnings.

            Recent comments

            20 Mar 2014 14:34 pcervicek

            As there is no bug tracker available, I post the bug + solution here: valgrind complains, that libconfig uses calloc() wrong:
            #define _new(T) (T *)calloc(sizeof(T), 1) /* zeroed */

            #define _new(T) (T *)calloc(1, sizeof(T)) /* zeroed */

            from the manpage:
            void *
            calloc(size_t count, size_t size);

            03 Feb 2014 06:24 mrenaud92

            Really nice library! I was wondering if this project is still under active development? I ask because I noticed that there are a few things that could be added to the C++ interface to make using the library nicer to use, I would be happy to implement them. Anyone know who I could contact about getting involved/if they will incorporate modifications? Thanks :)

            01 Apr 2013 20:43 lilrc

            I tried doing an out of source build of this library but it did not work. I created a patch that fixes the issue. Please take a look at:


            13 Feb 2013 15:38 buehrenm


            can anybody help me building libconfig with MinGW under Windows and without Cygwin??

            Yours, Markus

            31 Oct 2012 23:30 arand

            It seems like defining make LDFLAGS='foo' only gets applied to the C library and not the C++ one, should this be defined somewhere else or is it just a bug?


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