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The libcap-ng library is intended to make programming with POSIX capabilities much easier than the traditional libcap library. It includes utilities that can analyze all currently running applications to locate applications that may have too many privileges.

Operating Systems

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  •  25 Jul 2012 17:40

    Release Notes: This release adds support for a new Linux kernel capability, closes potentially leaked file descriptors, fixes a potential segfault, and solves a problem which resulted in reduced capabilities in pscap to cause fewer processes to be reported on.

    •  03 Nov 2010 20:55

      Release Notes: This release works around a problem in the Linux 2.6.36 kernel headers, fixes a segfault when using filecap on a specific file, and makes Python bindings optional.

      •  06 May 2010 14:19

        Release Notes: The library now uses kernel thread ID for capget/set calls. A display problem of filesystem based capabilities was fixed. netcap now prints device name for packet socket apps.

        •  11 Mar 2010 23:32

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when changing UID and retaining capabilities on custom kernels. In netcap and pscap, it displays the effective UID.

          •  28 Sep 2009 21:10

            Release Notes: This release adds pkg-config support, cleans the prctl syscalls, and drops capabilities in pscap.


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