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Version 0.99.beta5 of libcaca

Release Notes: This version adds cucul_getchar() and cucul_get_color() methods and new canvas cropping and expanding filters. Full Unicode support was added to the OpenGL driver. The IRC export now handles transparency. Many portability bugs were fixed for 64-bit architectures, Win32, and MS-DOS.

Other releases

  •  06 Apr 2012 22:27

    Release Notes: This stability release includes two years worth of bugfixes. Python bindings have been fully redesigned.

    •  09 Feb 2010 07:08

      Release Notes: This release features new PHP and Java bindings and provides a conio.h reimplementation for porting DOS programs. The rendering engine adds support for triangle texture mapping, Unicode glyphs in the X11 driver, troff output, ANSI-coloured FIGlet fonts, and dirty rectangles for improved performance and visual effects.

      Release Notes: This bugfix release improves backwards compatibility by installing legacy headers.

      Release Notes: libcucul was merged back into libcaca for more clarity, but backwards compatibility was kept for both sources and binaries.

      Release Notes: The API was extended with device cursor support and canvasless display creation, and the event API was completely reworked. Complete Ruby bindings were added, the C# bindings were fully rewritten, and new Python sample code was added. Libcaca now also builds and runs under Visual Studio.


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