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Release Notes: libisoburn now depends on libisofs-0.6.10 and libburn-0.5.4 to ensure use of their recent bugfixes. xorriso now can activate an ISOLINUX boot image by an EL Torito boot record. Two minor xorriso bugs were fixed.

  •  07 Oct 2008 10:47

Release Notes: On Linux kernel 2.4, the block device paths /dev/sr* or /dev/scd* were accepted as directly usable addresses, but failed to work. This bug was introduced with version 0.5.2.

  •  06 Oct 2008 13:05

Release Notes: Two bugs were fixed that prevented the activation of an ISOLINUX boot image by an El Torito boot record and its manipulation in following sessions.

Release Notes: By using libisofs-0.6.8, xorriso now can record very large data files (ISO 9660 Level 3) and helps with extracting them if an older Linux kernel is unable to read them properly.

Release Notes: Support for ISO 9660 Level 3 was added to libisofs. This allows very large data files in the ISO image. Note that only quite modern Linux systems can read those files properly from mounted ISO 9660 images. libisofs provides its own read capabilities that work reliably on all supported systems.

Release Notes: A wider set of file paths is now acceptable for drive addressing.

Release Notes: Support was added for BD-RE media. Overwriteable media now bear a table of contents. It is possible to extract files from the ISO filesystem. Emulation of mkisofs is now good enough for serving growisofs. A feature has been introduced for checking and rescuing partially damaged media.

  •  25 Aug 2008 21:20

Release Notes: Major and minor numbers of device file objects are now handled properly.

  •  17 May 2008 21:42

Release Notes: Random access addressing for DVD-RAM and BD-RE did not work, which caused troubles with both cdrskin and xorriso. For cdrskin, the options write_start_address= and --grow_overwriteable_iso were affected on DVD-RAM or BD-RE.

Release Notes: Official support for BD-Re, a new burn_write_opts_set_stream_recording() function, a new --list_formats cdrskin option, new cdrskin blank types for expert formatting of DVD-RAM and BD-RE, and a new blank=as_needed cdrskin blank type for automatic handling of media.


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