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  •  18 Mar 2014 23:00

    Release Notes: A freshly introduced regression prevented compilation of libburn on systems other than GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, or NetBSD. A very old libburn bug was corrected that could cause a buffer overflow by one 0-byte with CD TAO burn runs.

    •  05 Mar 2014 00:46

      Release Notes: libburn can operate optical drives and media on NetBSD. libisofs has a bugfix regarding HFS+ and enhancements in character set conversion. Minor bugs were fixed in libisoburn. xorriso can now find files with names that cannot be represented unchanged in ECMA-119, Joliet, or HFS+.

      •  12 Dec 2013 21:17

        Release Notes: A long standing hidden bug was fixed in libburn which affected inspection of unformatted DVD+RW. libisofs now by default puts EL Torito boot images to low block addresses. xorriso can report and set read speeds. Several rarely-occuring bugs were fixed.

        •  07 Aug 2013 19:57

          Release Notes: cdrskin has acquired the ability to copy audio tracks to .wav files. It can extract CD-TEXT in a form which is readable for humans and for cdrskin itself. Several small bugs have been fixed in xorriso. Its ability to serve frontend programs in dialog mode has been improved.

          •  31 May 2013 22:54

          Release Notes: A bug in the command line frontend cdrskin has been fixed. The option -msinfo reported identical numbers for the start of the most recent session and the predicted start of the next session.

          •  18 May 2013 11:01

            Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed in the libraries and in xorriso. The recently introduced boot preparation capabilities have been tested. New boot preparation options for GRUB2 were added.

            •  19 Mar 2013 15:07

              Release Notes: Some rarely-occurring bugs were fixed in libisofs and libburn. libburn's handling of incomplete sessions has been improved. xorriso's mkisofs emulation learned to set El Torito section id strings.

              •  09 Jan 2013 21:56

                Release Notes: Small improvements were made in libburn. Minor bugs were fixed in the libraries. xorriso improved its capabilities to serve the needs of frontend programs. A proof of concept for a GUI frontend has been implemented: xorriso-tcltk, which is in the libisoburn tarball.

                •  21 Jul 2012 08:35

                  Release Notes: Some rarely occurring bugs in libburn and libisofs were fixed. libisofs can now produce HFS+ metadata and Apple Partition Maps. The GPT and APM capabilities of isohybrid options --efi and --mac have been implemented. libisoburn and xorriso make use of these features.

                  •  03 Apr 2012 09:46

                    Release Notes: The handling of intentional deviations from ECMA-119 specifications has been improved in libisofs. libisoburn and xorriso now make use of these improvements. Some rarely-occurring bugs have been fixed. Small refinements have been made in libburn.


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