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LGeneral is a turn-based strategy engine heavily inspired by Panzer General. Move your units each turn and attack your enemies in order to capture strategic objectives to win a battle. LGeneral uses the SDL library for graphics and sounds.


Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2012 19:20

    Release Notes: This release provides a few enhancements and fixes to the PG converter to allow easier conversion of whole campaigns. Some minor bugs have been fixed in LGeneral.

    •  16 Aug 2011 10:27

      Release Notes: The converter lgc-pg has been enhanced and its was documentation improved to allow easier conversion of custom PG campaigns. A buffer overflow in generating unit names and a corruption in the movement mask when transporter did not use fuel were fixed. Last but not least, several Gentoo build patches have been applied. There are now more than 40 additional converted PG scenarios available on the homepage.

      •  13 Jun 2011 10:24

        Release Notes: Instead of hardcoded standard screen resolutions, all supported resolutions are now queried and can be selected from a list.

        •  29 Sep 2010 09:49

          Release Notes: The major feature of this release is a prestige-based purchase option as in Panzer General with just slight differences. Further improvements are easier use of the converter, beautifications, gameplay tweaking, and fixes for minor gameplay, compilation, and memory issues.

          •  27 Sep 2007 21:42

            Release Notes: This release contains a few minor enhancements. Most notably, a segmentation fault has been fixed that happened when a unit with a transporter tried to move to an unreachable position (due to fuel shortage).


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