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LFyre is a general purpose, compiled programming language offering performance, power, and flexibility.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 May 2005 20:14

    Release Notes: This release adds a language tutorial to the documentation, introducing the basic concepts needed to write lfyre programs.

    •  09 May 2005 17:53

      Release Notes: This release adds many new features: C++ style templates, aliases with parameters, a new 'print' keyword, better names mangling, support for mixing declarations and code, a new template class Array#[T], C++ style declaration scope to 'for', new syntax '(a;b)', several new compile-time keywords to manipulate classes, strings and identifiers, a more relaxed syntax parser, and overloadable array operators 'a[b]', 'a[b,c]', 'a[b..c]'. Calls to a function with arguments of reference type and calls to static and virtual methods now work as expected.

      •  18 Apr 2005 14:48

        Release Notes: This release adds long-awaited support for virtual methods and a Java-style "super" keyword. It also includes some cleanups in compiler-generated C code.

        •  25 Mar 2005 03:31

          Release Notes: This release adds several important features, including method and operator overloading, support to create new operators, and support for code placed outside functions and void expression '()'. Some bugs were also fixed, including a few uses of uninitialized memory and corner cases for aliases and functions returning final objects.

          •  05 Mar 2005 16:42

            Release Notes: This release adds keywords to interface with existing C libraries and headers, support for 'final transient' class fields, and a pure lfyre input/output library. It also updates the examples to use the new IO library, and fixes a bug in key_return_set().


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