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Version 2.0 beta 4 of LFT

Release Notes: Some compilation and UI changes were made.

Other releases

  •  12 Apr 2011 13:35

    Release Notes: Support was added for several common network encapsulations, including popular Linux cooked capture and PPP for compatibility with mobile broadband cards.

    •  09 Mar 2011 17:17

    Release Notes: This release improves compatibility on more platforms and versions such as Solaris and Mac OS X or Darwin.

    •  17 Feb 2011 22:08

      Release Notes: Many minor improvements, including a significant security fix on Mac OS X.

      •  12 May 2008 09:03

      Release Notes: WhoB default behavior was changed due to popular demand. New configure options were added to perform universal builds and to force gettimeofday calls instead of relying on possibly low-precision packet header times on some platforms. The build process was improved on NetBSD and Darwin/Mac OS X.

      •  17 May 2007 11:13

      Release Notes: Improved TCP and UDP traces. A new ICMP tracing method, including RFC1393 capabilities. A new TCP Basic trace method that works in NAT'd environments. Library improvements to call LFT functions from within your programs. Now builds on Windows. Many bugfixes.


      Project Spotlight


      A unit test facility for command line programs with file input and output.


      Project Spotlight

      OAQL Server

      An Oriented Architecture Query Language Server.