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  •  11 Apr 2006 06:10

Release Notes: lesspipe now includes support for viewing the contents of rar and 7-zip archives and to display an ASCII representation of the contents of Openoffice documents. For images (PNG, GIF, JPEG, and other formats), the file's format and characteristics are shown. Debian packages can now be viewed without installing dpkg. Various small bugfixes and optimizations were done. The documentation and the test suite have been enhanced.

  •  12 Apr 2005 03:26

Release Notes: This version adds a testsuite for The configure script that tailors lesspipe to the underlying system has been enhanced. Many minor bugfixes and documentation enhancements were made. This version now successfully works with pdksh and now correctly processes filenames containing white space (useful for Windows users). Support for the display of "perl storable" files has been added.

  •  01 Apr 2004 03:09

Release Notes: This version gives a considerable speed up for viewing large files. The syntax highlighting code was reworked to be more compliant with many operating system flavours. Support for viewing Mac OS X archives and bill of material (.bom) files was added.

  •  22 Mar 2004 14:58

Release Notes: This release introduces syntax highlighting for less. It is done by a helper application Perl script 'syntax' modeled after code2html. Syntax highlighting works only with less -[rR], as otherwise escape sequences would be displayed. Support for viewing ISO images was added. Several minor bugs have been fixed as well.


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