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LeoCAD is a CAD application that uses plastic building bricks similar to those found in many toys. This is the Linux port of the original MS Windows version; it uses OpenGL for the graphics and allows the creation of very large/complex models with a library of over 1500 different parts.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Dec 2000 23:42

    Release Notes: This release adds a manpage, a Save Picture dialog, an option to save custom minifigs to the Minifig Wizard, an overwrite prompt when saving a project, new minifig pieces to the minifig wizard, project loading preview, and rotation angles to each minifig wizard option. It enabled the "Make Default" button of the preferences dialog. It fixes the Z buffer bug in the piece preview, a bug that occurred when inserting a piece after a rotated piece wouldn't show the new piece correctly, animation playback, blending in piece preview, a bug the occurred when exporting POV-Ray files using LGEO, a problem with "focus follow mouse" in X, a rotation bug, a small bug in the texture font, a startup crash under win2k, and the numeric keypad under Linux.

    •  16 Dec 1999 19:54

      Release Notes: Bugfixes, and a new GPL licensing.

      •  08 Oct 1999 16:29

        Release Notes: First release.


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