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LemonLDAP::NG is a modular Web SSO based on Apache::Session modules. It simplifies the building of a protected area with a few changes in the application. It manages both authentication and authorization and provides headers for accounting, so you can have full AAA protection for your Web space. LemonLDAP::NG is a complete rewrite of LemonLDAP. All components needed to use it and to administer it are included in the tarball. However, all modules developed for LemonLDAP may not work with LemonLDAP::NG.

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  •  07 Mar 2014 23:30

Release Notes: This is a minor release with some bugfixes and enhancements. It fixes a bug with syslog level, creates a persistent sessions directory with RPM, respects Debian rules for JavaScript: only sources, and is minified in packaging. It fixes bugs in the CLI and Manager.

  •  05 Feb 2014 22:16

Release Notes: This is a minor release with some bugfixes and enhancements, including DBI authentication with crypt passwords, Debian packaging, SAML ADFS buggy signatures support, and a CLI working on all platforms.

  •  11 Nov 2013 21:48

Release Notes: This is a bugfixes release, with RPM and DEB packaging modifications and Captcha improvements.

  •  03 Nov 2013 02:36

Release Notes: This is a new major release for LemonLDAP::NG, with a lot of new features: FastCGI Portal, Captcha, Aliases for virtual hosts, CLI, Authentication/user modules (Active Directory, BrowserID, WebID, Google, Facebook) and a JSON file configuration backend.

  •  26 Aug 2013 14:07

Release Notes: This is a new minor release for LemonLDAP::NG 1.2 with some bugfixes, including evaluation of ENV in Safe jail, skin rules in all pages, Debian packaging, and performance improvements in the session explorer with a browseable backend.


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