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Leech was developed to relieve one from having to go through sites, constantly clicking "Save As...", "OK", etc. Instead, feed Leech a URL and tell it which filetypes to download, and it will crawl through any page that meets Leech's restrictions and dowload any file of the specified type.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Jan 2004 02:55

    Release Notes: The download directory's default permissions have been changed from 0644 to 0700. Level filtering was added. This release can be told to only download URLs to a certain level, with a URL's level being the number of links it is from the initial URL.

    •  29 Sep 2003 09:52

      Release Notes: Incremental leeching was added, which is useful when leeching updated galleries.

      •  18 Feb 2002 16:06

        Release Notes: You can now supply an initial referrer for the URL you entered. The output was made cleaner. Sizes are now printeed in kilobytes. Leech now uses the browser's User Agent when executing Curl. Rudimentary support was added for partially encoded URLs. Probing now uses the link's referrer. Content-types are now printed.

        •  04 Dec 2001 17:54

          Release Notes: FTP leeching was horribly broken in the 0.4.1 release. This is an emergency release that fixes this problem.

          •  04 Dec 2001 16:03

            Release Notes: Rudimentary support for FTP was added. The output is now more sensible and better formatted. Plenty of bugfixes were made.

            Recent comments

            17 Jun 2003 10:50 icephreak

            Console Port?
            It would be nice if there were a console equivalent of this tool.

            15 May 2002 09:43 karsmeyboom

            Re: nice work
            If you mean that the page contains links to images that have a URL like, you could use alternation in your regular expression filter, like this:


            For those of you who are having trouble with regular expressions, try this brief tutorial ( It's not too accurate though.

            08 May 2002 19:23 Raboo

            nice work
            first of all, nice job, its cool ;D
            for instance, if i wanna download


            and also get (no index here)

            how shuld i do??


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