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Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of installation bugs and an issue with early payment discounts which could lead to imbalanced books.

Release Notes: This release corrects the fact that the pricelist could not be edited from the customer record. This allows bulk changes for prices per customer. This release also corrects errors which occurred when the duedate was blank (it now defaults to the invoice date), and adds a Spanish (Argentina) translation and chart of accounts. Error handling has also been improved.

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of serious issues, including one which caused backups to be corrupted on some systems. Foreign exchange reconciliations have been added again, and a number of less important bugfixes have been made.

Release Notes: This release corrects some permissions issues, including permissions with the fixed assets module. It also fixes the GL entry screen so that it works without Javascript, and has numerous other fixes. These fixes are most important if trying to sue LedgerSMB to manage fixed assets or without Javascript.

Release Notes: This release corrects omissions made to 1099 printing (both MISC and INT forms are supported). It includes more localization fixes, better error handling when databases are set up, and other fixes.

Release Notes: This release adds a large number of fixes, including allowing bank accounts to be added without a BIC, fixing file attachments to quotations and orders, timecard templates, and fixes to better handle some errors.

Release Notes: This release corrects a number of significant bugs, including issues with the built-in backup tools running with insufficient permissions, parse errors in the POS invoice template, and issues with overinclusive filtering of customer/vendor lists. Default languages for invoices can now be set, and there are some improvements in logging.

Release Notes: This release corrects a significant number of bugs including some permissions issues, some user interface glitches, and the fact that language selection of invoice was not possible for emailed invoices. Some small enhancements to logging have been committed, as have sample xelatex templates.

Release Notes: This release corrects a number of bugs, including internal server errors when certain new versions of some dependencies are used. Additionally, it corrects a bug which caused deletion of unapproved AR/AP transactions to fail, and a number of internationalization issues. Tax rates for new databases using the Norwegian chart of accounts templates have been updated.


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