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Release Notes: This release corrects a number of issues including an issue with reconciliation database updates not loading. It also added the ability to re-open books at a certain date, and fixed a number of other minor bugs.

Release Notes: This release includes a number of minor bugfixes and a couple of usability enhancements to the upgrade utilities. These are mostly minor bugfixes, as well as a few very minor usability enhancements.

Release Notes: This release candidate includes an updated es_AR translation, better handling of paragraph breaks in the demo templates, and a few UI fixes.

Release Notes: This release corrects a few issues with localized dates, adds ODS exportation for pricelists, corrects ODS support detection for other exporting reports, improves CSV escaping, restores the ability to delete accounts with no activity, and allows those running PostgreSQL 8.4 or higher to benefit from some performance benefits when generating the initial menu.

Release Notes: This release corrected significant major bugs that sometimes caused internal server errors on tax lookup, and broke uploads of binary attachments. Images uploaded and attached to an invoice can now be printed on the invoice if it is in PDF.

Release Notes: This release corrects the fact that the pricelist could not be edited from the customer record. This allows bulk changes for prices per customer. This release also corrects errors which occurred when the duedate was blank (it now defaults to the invoice date), and adds a Spanish (Argentina) translation and chart of accounts. Error handling has also been improved.

Release Notes: This release candidate corrects the omission of editing the pricematrix from the customer/vendor screens, fixes a few other problems, and adds a few minor enhancements in optional dependencies.

Release Notes: This release corrects some permissions issues, including permissions with the fixed assets module. It also fixes the GL entry screen so that it works without Javascript, and has numerous other fixes. These fixes are most important if trying to sue LedgerSMB to manage fixed assets or without Javascript.

Release Notes: This release corrects omissions made to 1099 printing (both MISC and INT forms are supported). It includes more localization fixes, better error handling when databases are set up, and other fixes.

Release Notes: 1099-MISC and 1099-INT printing were fixed. Year/month drop-down handling in the payments report was fixed. Some logging enhancements and localisation fixes were included. This is a release candidate.


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