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  •  27 Jun 2007 10:34

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of significant bugs, including errors storing items, invoices, etc. that have custom fields, an error accessing the AP/Add Transaction screen, and errors saving projects that were not attached to customers.

  •  17 May 2007 11:22

Release Notes: This release corrects major bugs in handling of the number formats 1.000,00 and 1000,00. UTF and performance enhancements are included.

  •  25 Apr 2007 03:10

Release Notes: This release corrects access denied errors when emailing out invoices and some display issues involving sales tax. Documentation has also been updated.

  •  18 Apr 2007 13:29

Release Notes: Three major data integrity bugs have been corrected, as well as a number of more minor display issues. All users are advised to upgrade immediatly.

  •  19 Mar 2007 10:31

Release Notes: Sales orders previously could not be generated from timecards. The installation would overwriting existing user authentication data. Both of these serious bugs were fixed.

  •  02 Mar 2007 18:30

Release Notes: This release corrects a number of data access bugs, including those that prevent the database from being created on remote database servers.

Release Notes: Large numbers of bugs in database access calls were corrected. A bug in the redirect logic was also fixed. The RPM was changed to only require the PostgreSQL client libraries rather than the whole server.

Release Notes: This release fixes a large number of bugs in database access, user creation, password handling, and more.

Release Notes: This release corrects a number of problematic error handling issues. These include the internal server error when the database connection fails, better error handling when creating databases, and so forth. Several other software bugs have been fixed. This is the first release to include an RPM package.

Release Notes: Several major bugs have been fixed since the last release, and the install/upgrade process is now fully documented (though not yet automated). The software now runs properly under vanilla Perl on the Win32 platform. User info now is stored in the database, meaning that the software no longer needs Web- server-writable files.


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