Version 1.3.9 of LedgerSMB

Release Notes: This release corrects omissions made to 1099 printing (both MISC and INT forms are supported). It includes more localization fixes, better error handling when databases are set up, and other fixes.

Other releases

  •  26 Feb 2014 23:54

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of relatively minor bugs, backports some error handling improvements from 1.4, and updated the Hungarian translation.

Release Notes: This release fixed a number of reporting issues and provided better support for invoice templates in the database. A significant number of issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This release includes a couple of minor security fixes regarding auth handling and browsers like Chrome which do not expire credentials without a clear 401 from the server. It includes a number of other bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release moves reports to the new reporting framework and adds Dojo-based widgets.

  •  16 Jan 2014 09:18

    Release Notes: This release corrected a significant issue in printing invoices with manually entered sales tax. A few other issues were also fixed.


    Project Spotlight


    A GUI application for programming Logitech Harmony remote controls.


    Project Spotlight

    OVAL Interpreter

    A host-based vulnerability assessment tool that uses OVAL definitions.