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25 Apr 2001 06:27 mandree

Re: FASTER fetching with XOVER: leafnode 1.9.17-ma2

> See
> ...

Note: I restructured the web site, and updated the patch to reflect 1.9.18. Find the patch at

02 Apr 2001 22:06 cabalamat2

Web-based administration for leafnode

I've written a web-based administration program for Leafnode, called Leafwa. It's got a
web page (
and a Freshmeat entry (

06 Sep 2000 15:35 mandree

FASTER fetching with XOVER: leafnode 1.9.17-ma2
See ( for a patched leafnode version that uses XOVER in fetchnews which is a lot faster. It also has a reliable getaline() function now. I hope to get these changes into leafnode soon.


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