Version 4.0 of LEAF

Release Notes: Since rc1, only a few bugfixes have been made: correct RCDLINKS for /etc/init.d/IPsec; added lp and ppdev modules to restore 3.x functionality for p9100 print server; and booting the i486 kernel on the Advantech ARK-1310 has been fixed (and is possible other EVA-X4150 based boards).

Other releases

  •  16 Mar 2014 21:01

Release Notes: This release adds a kernel update to version 3.4.83 and package updates, including security and bug fixes. The new packages provided are heyu for X 10 automation and batctl, the B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool.

  •  19 Jan 2014 17:46

Release Notes: Updates for the kernel, Tor, OpenSSL, Samba, Dropbear and ddclient. Security and speed improvements for OpenSSL/Dropbear. A new package batctl for open mesh networks, and small fixes for other packages.

  •  28 Dec 2013 16:38

Release Notes: This release provides the new ddclient package (which will replace ezipupdate), a curl security update, and a fix for the HD support package.

Release Notes: This release candidate provides package updates, a Linux 3.4.74 kernel, and does shorewall logging again with ulogd.

Release Notes: This beta version provides a major fix for an issue where the standard editor showed garbage on x86_64 images. A new boot logo (including CLI access and hardware tests during boot) has been added for ISO images. Of the usual package and kernel updates, the update of libusb (and addition of a libusb-compat package for packages relying on the old version) is the most visible one.


Project Spotlight


An ecological niche modeling framework.


Project Spotlight

Kawaii Emoji Messenger

A multiplatform Facebook client based on the idea of bringing emoji to the desktop.