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LDAP Distributed shell-Profile

ldp (LDAP Distributed Profile) will read a user-specific shell profile (.profile) from an LDAP directory server upon login, allowing users (including multiple people operating as root) to always have the same settings irrespective of which machine they are working on. ldp also operates correctly when logging in via SSH via public key auth.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2011 10:53

    Release Notes: Sundry small changes were made.

    •  28 Feb 2006 19:43

      Release Notes: A bug in ldp-encode was fixed: it now correctly produces Base64 output (it was truncated until now). This release sets $LDP_USERHOME in the profile to point to the home directory of $LDP_USER (useful when logging in as root and you want to know the home directory of $LDP_USER).

      •  27 Feb 2006 22:11

        Release Notes: ldp-encode tries to determine whether to use Gecos or username for RDN. ldp-encode has an -n option to add objectClass and an -r option to set RDN on the command line, overriding any guesswork. Man pages have been brought up to date, and warnings for OS X have been removed.

        •  27 Feb 2006 15:12

          Release Notes: The ldp-encode utility was added to convert a .profile file to LDIF data which can be directly piped to ldapmodify.


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