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Little CMS intends to be a small-footprint color management engine, with special focus on accuracy and performance. It uses the International Color Consortium standard (ICC), which is the modern standard when regarding to color management. The ICC specification is widely used and is referred to in many International and other de-facto standards.


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Little CMS 2.6 released 17 Mar 2014

I am glad to the announce the release 2.6 of the Little CMS open source color engine.

Version 2.6 is a featured release that introduces contexts...

RSS Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2013 00:43

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release focused on unhappy path and error handling. It also updates the black point compensation algorithm to match the ICC new standard.

    •  15 Sep 2012 20:24

      Release Notes: This release adds new functionality and many performance and security improvements.

      •  16 Dec 2011 15:56

        Release Notes: This maintenance release addresses several minor issues and increases compatibility. It fully implements the recently-released ICC 4.3 standard.

        •  10 Jun 2011 10:23

          Release Notes: This version adds stability, fixes all known bugs, and adds support for dictionary metatag.

          •  01 Dec 2010 21:49

          Release Notes: This is a maintenance release that solves all known bugs and glitches in 2.0. Among other improvements, it delivers a new Delphi wrapper. It is fully backwards compatible with 2.0. Upgrading is highly encouraged.


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