Version 0.09 of Lbzip2

Release Notes: Now the Makefiles, with the help of the standard getconf utility, select a programming environment, if there is one, in which large files are supported.

Other releases

  •  26 Mar 2014 21:20

Release Notes: This version fixes two major bugs introduced in 2.4, which could have resulted in assertion failure or poor compression performance.

  •  16 Mar 2014 22:09

    Release Notes: This release introduces a sequential mode of operation which is not used by default, but can be activated with a commandline switch. This new mode usually improves the compression ratio and decreases CPU usage at the cost of degraded scalability. This release also fixes several minor bugs.

    Release Notes: This release adds a new feature: When decompressing with both --force and --stdout options given, lbzip2 will copy files which are not in bzip2 format, instead of reporting an invalid file format. This release also fixes several minor bugs.

    •  06 Aug 2012 20:46

    Release Notes: The decompressor was made more bzip2-compatible. All valid bzip2 files should now be properly decompressed by lbzip2. Memory allocation was reduced significantly. Compression performance was improved by the inclusion of new block-sorting code using the divsufsort algorithm. This version also fixes a few other minor bugs.

    •  23 Nov 2011 23:36

    Release Notes: This release fixes a use-after-free security vulnerability introduced in version 2.0. All users are recommended to update to version 2.1.


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