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16 May 2013 03:22 codingtony

lbzip2 is such a great program, it outperforms all other bzip2 implementations!

I've run some test on a E5-2620 BOX (dual cpu, six core each) on a 1.04GB file.

bzip2 : Piped 1.04 GB in 00h02m25.37s: 7.36 MB/second
pbzip2 : Piped 1.04 GB in 00h00m11.81s: 90.55 MB/second
lbzip2 : Piped 1.04 GB in 00h00m05.85s: 182.79 MB/second

lbzip2 is a clear winner.

The compressed file is compatible with bzip2.

I don't see any reason why not to use lbzip2 in place of bzip2

Great job kjn!


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