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  •  15 May 2005 07:32

Release Notes: The focus of this release is on gameplay improvement with six 'mini games': Jumping Jack, Outbreak, Barrier, Sitting Ducks, Hunter, and Invaders, which will come up every four normal levels in any level set as an 'extra mile'. These levels may also be played directly as virtual level sets. For each one, there is a short explanation in the menu. Besides that, the volume control has been fixed and a security patch has been applied.

  •  13 Jan 2005 14:17

Release Notes: This release features a number of smaller bugfixes and improvements. When a paddle turns invisible due to the 'ghost paddle' malus or when the 'sticky paddle' bonus expires, all attached balls will be immediately released. By pressing Shift, you can see the highest score for this level set. Further on, to prevent ball losses, the game will pause when the input focus gets lost or the application is iconified. A different sound has been added for balls reflected by the paddle.

  •  25 Sep 2004 20:53

Release Notes: This release brings back the continue option, however, with a 100% score loss this time. The order of levels of the Freakout set is saved, when the game is interrupted. Apart from that there are a number of smaller bugfixes and enhancements.

  •  08 Aug 2004 06:24

Release Notes: SDL_net is now supported in this release. This allows users to play network games on non-Unix systems like Windows. Furthermore, the audio is now in stereo for a local game and partially stereo for a network game. When using the warp feature, you will get the total score of all remaining bricks subtracted as a penalty, which is better than the previously fixed 5000 points, if clearing a level completely.

Release Notes: A saved game will now be deleted after the game is over, and it is no longer possible to quit using ESCAPE when the 'Game Over' message is displayed, which allowed restarting with one life over and over again. The number of bricks required to warp to the next level is now computed against the initial number of bricks of a level. The network paddle bots were improved and their usage is documented in the network help.

  •  12 Jun 2004 12:07

Release Notes: Animations are now built directly from the brick graphics and not from the screen, which makes them look right when the bricks have a non-rectangular shape like in "Aquarium" and in "Cargo Raider". As a help on how far one is advanced in a local levelset, the total number of levels is displayed along with the normal credits. For network gaming, only alphanumerical usernames are now allowed, and the "snprintf" bug has been fixed.

Release Notes: A game may now be continued later. Pressing the middle mouse button (or a special key) will bring all balls to a high speed, which saves a lot of time if the level is nearly cleared. Completing a level by clearing all bricks will give 5000 points extra as an incentive to clear a level even though warp might be available already. A number of smaller bugfixes were made.

  •  28 Jun 2003 03:30

Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed, including one that could cause insane speedups after a SLOW/FAST bonus expired. A difficulty level was added especially for kids, which also disables bad speech.

  •  18 Jun 2003 05:53

Release Notes: Some bug fixes were made. Balls should no longer stop in midair, and the input is grabbed correctly. An include required for FreeBSD was added, and the lower keyboard paddle speed limit was reduced to 100 (pixels per second).

  •  04 Jun 2003 17:00

Release Notes: The network game code has been improved very much, and an Internet server is now available. For the single player mode many adjustments have been made to fit the original settings of LBreakout1 and new levels have been added. The complete levelset of LBreakout1 has been converted to LBreakout2. Bugfixes were also made.


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