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17 Mar 2013 11:19 jrcar Thumbs up

I have found this to be a very useful tool to create cross platform applications

12 Dec 2009 14:35 wolfieee Thumbs up

Is very useful for RAPID application development. Is very ready for general application development. Get yourself a used Delphi 4 -> 7 book from Amazon or Abe books and *alot* applies.

If you need to write basic utilities for import/export file cleanups, or other mind numbing conversions for use by clueless staff, this is the way to go!

There is even a basic WSDL component: wiki.lazarus.freepasca...

02 Apr 2000 22:01 aferg

Wep page has moved.
This project is now at:


From what I can see it is not quite ready to be used for application
development, it is a very exciting project that has an active mailing list
and lots of commits to its cvs tree. If you have experience with Delphi
Pascal and/or GTK drop by and see if you can help out. I have a feeling that
when this project has finished cooking it will change the way application
codeing is done on Linux for a lot of developers. C++ programers who
have convertedto Delphi, like myself, will know what I am talking about.


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