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  •  22 Jul 2008 18:02

Release Notes: This release fixes problems with signed SAML 2.0 URL strings, and checks against existing assertions to tell if authentication was required.

  •  21 Mar 2006 02:10

Release Notes: Support for SWIG 1.3.28 was fixed. A win3 build issue was fixed along with the documentation.

  •  07 Sep 2004 13:30

Release Notes: A lot of updates and bugfixes in the third level of lasso: login, logout, and defederation. An API documentation for developers is also available. API, ABI, and dump format of messages have changed, and this release is not compatible with previous versions. A changelog has been added to the distribution. DLL version is now linked with standard call aliases. The distribution includes lasso.jar. Java is compiled with Sun JDK for compatibility reasons.


Project Spotlight


Shell-Browser interfacing and Web browsing tools.


Project Spotlight


A network IDS and IPS engine.