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LAPACK is a linear algebra library, based on LINPACK and EISPACK, designed to provide routines for handling simultaneous equations and matrix algebra efficiently, particularly on shared memory vector processors, parallel processors, and clusters. The code is written in Fortran, and requires the BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2012 19:09

    Release Notes: This release fixes division by zero bugs in xLAED6 and xLANHF, unscaling bugs in xGGEV and xGGEVX, uninitialized variables in ZHERFSX, other assorted bugs, and issues with the cmake build system.

    •  08 Dec 2011 19:27

      Release Notes: This release adds xGEQRT, a QR factorization facility that enables better performance when the blocked reflectors need to be reused. It adds xGEQRT3, a recursive QR factorization facility that has high performance on tall and skinny matrices. It adds xTPQRT, a collection of Communication-Avoiding QR sequential kernels. It replaces the build system with CMAKE for better portability. It adds Doxygen documentation. It integrates LAPACKE's C language APIs into LAPACK.

      •  21 Oct 2011 19:20

        Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes.

        •  30 Mar 2011 20:13

          Release Notes: The APIs for C and Fortran have been cleaned up to make it easy to use both. Functions have been added for computing the complete CS decomposition of a partitioned unitary matrix. xSYTRF and xSYTRI have been accelerated. SLAMCH and DLAMCH have been made thread-safe.

          •  20 Jul 2009 21:54

            Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and documentation cleanups.

            Recent comments

            29 Nov 2006 21:08 imipak

            Re: The license is the modified BSD, not original BSD.
            My bad, but I'm pleading insanity. I've updated the record,
            in either case. :)

            13 Nov 2006 12:22 ejr

            The license is the modified BSD, not original BSD.

            See the COPYING file in the latest version. The
            prior to 3.1 may have been fuzzy, but it has never been
            the original BSD license. Using LAPACK has never
            required an advertisement, although we'd really
            appreciate a citation.

            The license is now given explicitly in the COPYING
            and it is essentially the BSD
            license without the advertising clause.


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