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30 Mar 2012 06:50 qaz001

Really Cool App!

29 Nov 2006 10:02 eptenke

Now released under GPL
I went to the homepage. This program is now released under GPL at sourceforge.

13 Aug 2002 19:36 antrik

Re: Licensing
First of all: Please do not rant, not knowing the context. When I wrote this
comment, Olivier was still considering what license to use: Leave it
proprietary Freeware (I do not see *any* sense in that variant), make it
Shareware, or free it under the GPL.

So I wasn't just complaining; I told
him my opinion, to help his decision -- just letting him know that there are
people out there for whom a proprietary license is indiscutable.

I do not
claim that this influenced his decision positively (my post actually seems
somewhat harsh, when looking at it retrospectively, though I didn't intend
that...); however, the next release to come is to be GPL'd, so at least it
wasn't disasterous ;-)

Believe me, I'm not the guy to run about and flame
people for using the wrong license. (Actually, I norally just loose iterest
immediately when I find out, and silently turn away, disgusted...)

As for
my attitude: It's this attitude that made free software happen, which is a good
thing, so don't put me down on that.

Concering the license matter, I won't
go into detail, as a) I don't consider this being the right place for such
stuff, and b) in my experience, such discussions do not have much of an effect

So just one idea to give you something to think about: Freedom
doesn't mean that everyone can do just what he feels like (that's anarchy);
freedom means that people don't suffer limitations by other people's actions.
Releasing proprietary software *does* restrain other people (the users); that's
nothing to do with freedom.

There is an interesting <a
href="">article on that.
Plaese read it before engaging in that topic again.

09 Aug 2002 04:49 djsinger

Re: Licensing

> Maybe that helps your decision a bit: If
> you make it GPL, I'm quite interested.
> If you make it Shareware (or leave it
> proprietary Freeware): forget it.

How predictable! Why is it that the comments for every non-GPL project are littered with people complaining about the license. Why can't a project just be judged on it's own merits?

I hate this attitude. It really brings out the worst aspects of the Linux community. So what if the guy leaves it "freeware"..!? He's written a useful Linux tool that costs you nothing and you dismiss it simply because of his choice of license?

And as for "Don't buy away your freedom -- GNU/Linux", this belongs with the ever increasing pile of cringeworthy jingoism that's affecting Linux at the moment.

I support the "Open Source" ideology as much as anyone, and I get annoyed when the very people who bleat on about "freedom" rise up against a software author who has the nerve to exercise his own "freedom" to release under whatever the hell license he wants.

Sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant :-)

28 Jan 2002 06:10 antrik

Maybe that helps your decision a bit: If you make it GPL, I'm quite interested. If you make it Shareware (or leave it proprietary Freeware): forget it.


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