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Release Notes: Besides a more clever AI, rebalanced magic, and numerous small additions, bugfixes, and tweaks, the update introduces a significantly enhanced profession and religion system, with unique powers depending on profession rank. There is a new tileset, new effect icons, new GUI elements, and new character portraits. Ever wondered why Thanan betrayed the Temple? Ever wanted to know what the real story behind the Crystal of Redemption is? And ever asked yourself which role Eris really plays in the ongoing events? This update has all the answers.

Release Notes: This release brings a new chapter that concludes the main storyline, including a new area with new enemies to explore. It's now also possible to craft special items from collected resources. The inventory and its UI have been improved Finally, everything is presented with a new artwork style, including graphical intro and ending sequences.

Release Notes: This version introduces ways of interaction that have long been missed, namely item combining and throwing. Additionally, some minor bugs were solved. Balancing has been worked on again to optimize difficulty in the mid-game.

  •  08 Mar 2007 23:12

Release Notes: HP does not autoregenrate any longer. This makes the game more difficult. Monsters are able to do long-range attacks. There are three new trader types (hospital, restaurant, and academy). There are many UI improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The main change is that HP does not auto-regenerate any longer. Other features include new trader types, new potions, and bugfixes.

Release Notes: The game has totally changed since beta 2 and (the unreleased) beta 3. There are fewer bugs, more features, more story, better dungeons, and more items.

Release Notes: This release is mainly provided to show the current state of the game, as the release of beta 3 has been delayed. There have been many changes, enhancements, bugfixes, and improvements compared to former releases of the game. The maps and quests are more complete. Many new items were added. The random dungeon/landscape generator was improved. New character generation was implemented. Implementation of storyline has been started. Keyboard mapping was improved and simplified. Monster AI was improved.


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