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  •  16 Jul 2013 20:14

Release Notes: This is a security fix release for users tracking the older 1.0.x branch. It fixes a SQL injection attack which could extract unauthorized information from the StatusNet database and in some cases cause damage to the underlying system.

  •  16 Jul 2013 20:14

Release Notes: This is a security and bugfix release. The security fix closes a SQL injection hole which could extract unauthorized data from the user database with a carefully-crafted URL. Additional bugfixes include support for Twitter's v1.1 API, XMPP fixes, and better ActivityStreams JSON support.

  •  05 Jul 2012 01:55

    Release Notes: Along with many bugfixes, this version includes the ActivitySpam plugin to check updates against, options to hide users who've been silenced or have posted spammy updates, an experimental OfflineBackup plugin, fixes for TwitterBridge to correctly handle replies through the bridge, improvements in ActivityStreams JSON output to better match the 1.0 spec, console scripts for managing groups, a bugfix for conversation counts in conversation streams, and rights for moderators to manage spam.

    •  30 Sep 2011 22:20

      Release Notes: Private updates, including private-to-groups, private within a site, and private to followers only. Conversation mode in streams. Microapps can post different types of activities to timelines, with interaction. Events, bookmarks, Q&A, blogs, and polls. A new 3-column layout in the 'neo' theme by default. Alphabetical, searchable user and group directories. Better IM support with the addition of AIM, IRC, and MSN. Twitter-like lists. Subscription to searches. Subscription to tags. Extended profiles for private, enterprise sites. Sites are private by default. Daily email summaries. An automated upgrade script.

      •  09 Aug 2011 20:34

        Release Notes: This version includes a security fix for a cross-site scripting vulnerability discovered by the Mozilla Security team. Other changes include updated Google Analytics and reCAPTCHA code, fixes to the Bookmark, Facebook, and Twitter plugins, as well as updates to data backup/restore.

        •  17 Mar 2011 14:48

          Release Notes: This version includes private group messages, significant performance enhancements, an optional new menu, much better Facebook and Twitter integration, support for a new AtomPub-based social API, support for Activity Streams JSON, backup and restore of user account data, and experimental "live move" of user accounts.

          •  30 Oct 2010 02:11

            Release Notes: Chief updates include OAuth 1.0a support including anonymous consumer keys and PIN workflow, group deletion for site admins, improved SSL link generation, and many small bugfixes. This release also includes many localization updates, including for some plugins.

            •  11 Sep 2010 01:43

              Release Notes: This minor release includes improved support for two-way Twitter interaction, experimental plugins to support TinyMCE, Disqus, and Echo, a plugin for notice titles, and changes to the OStatus system to support the Social Web Acid Test Level 0 (SWAT0).

              •  16 Aug 2010 22:09

              Release Notes: This release includes an OpenID and OAuth timing attack fix, along with compatibility fixes for OStatus feed contents, API and feed discovery, and SSL certificate verification with SNI where available. Many UI translation updates from, including an Esperanto translation.

              •  29 Jun 2010 22:21

                Release Notes: For best compatibility with client software and site federation, and a lot of bug fixes, it is highly recommended that all public sites upgrade. Many translation updates and API fixes are in since 0.9.2; the API has also been extended to better support StatusNet-enhanced clients. Compatibility has been improved: OpenID now works with PHP 5.3, and some updates to PostgreSQL support are included.


                Project Spotlight


                A Nagios check for Transport For London services.


                Project Spotlight


                A modern, portable, and lightweight Internet Relay Chat (IRC) daemon.