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Lost Labyrinth

Lost Labyrinth is a rogue-like role-playing game. It uses a Zelda-like graphics engine, and has high replayability.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2011 20:56

    Release Notes: The whole monster system has been rewritten; each monster has its own folder. All remaining unfree pictures have been replaced. Scrolling of the spell list with the mouse wheel. Traits cannot be raised over the maximum in the experience screen. New skills (Way of the Bow): Precise Shot, Blind Shot, and Arcane Shot. New minor flaws: Illiterate and Unlucky. New curses: Curse of Fortuna (reduces luck by 10) and Curse of Vexx (Max. hp/mp = current HP/MP). New room: Djinni Lamp (fullfills a wish). Save games show a screenshot of the game state now.

    •  24 Nov 2010 20:49

      Release Notes: Summoned creatures have been completely reworked. They behave very much like a player now. This means they have an inventory and some can even use items. Keyboard and mouse handling have been generalized. Screen handling has been generalized. All screens need no processor time while nothing is happening. The options screen displays the last 2 messages. Game speed has been improved. The speeds are set directly in the options, and they are human readable. All sounds are under free licences now. Attack spells display the amount of damage that they are doing. Charge attack only allows killing multiple monsters if they are in the same row.

      •  16 Sep 2010 22:42

        Release Notes: New art for many rooms and special levels. New sounds for most sound effects. A fix for a segmentation fault caused by faulty logic for the monster list in loading a game. Disintegration destroys monsters again. A closeFile call to load/save templates and a safety check for an empty file have been added. Monster poison/fire/ice breath uses the correct monster number again.

        •  31 Aug 2010 17:51

          Release Notes: Spells have special successes and botches now, with a new sound and animated graphics. Spellweaving has been reworked. The increased cost is only applied to spells that profit from it. The spells also show if they are weavable. Looking around has been improved so that you see the field name "on the fly". Summoned creatures display the info button too, so you can see their stats. The summon spells display info about the creatures. Picking up stackables even if your inventory is full is working now. Scroll lore and free magic spells have their own section and icon in the spell selection screen.

          •  19 Aug 2010 19:47

            Release Notes: The templates have been totally rewritten. Now you can save as many as you like and give them names. Player skill selections are remembered for all players. The options menu has been rewritten. Every player can have his own mouse pointer; it gets saved with the character and can be changed in the options. The high scores screen has a button to delete them. New spells: Song of Wealth (every round a gold coin), Remove Runes (destroys all runes nearby), and Sword to Ploughshare (transforms a weapon into food).


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