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13 Jun 2000 16:24 puppo

Needed statically linked version...
I've tryed to install kvirc 2.0.0 rpm for i386. Rpm was installed successfully but when I launch kvirc a segmentation fault (core dumped) appens. I haven't qt 2.1 and i think this could depend from that. The problem is that I cannot remove my qt 1.44 cause they are needed by many other applications. A statically linked version should be a good solution.

21 Dec 1999 16:00 shaman

Oops. 1.0 configure broken...
checking for IceConnectionNumber in -lICE... yes
./configure: test: unknown operator -R/usr/openwin/lib

Solaris 2.7, x86, GCC

03 Aug 1999 08:50 fl3a

re-connect upon server disconnection/re-join channel upon server disconnection
KVirc rulez. Its also the most stable gui irc client abail. but for idling, it sucks that i have to wake up to see just the @CONSOLE window open and not my channels any more.

auto re-connect upon disconnect/auto re-join upon disconnect .. then i'll have it all ;)

09 Feb 1999 16:35 edluke

Console? never
The Kvirc is a very stable option to use the irc. very easy , and accept scripts, so , if you use th BitchX (sucks) try the Kvirc :) (or not)

10 Jan 1999 18:37 wharg0ul

this thing RULES!!! The scripting is sooo much better now.
Very comfortable.


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