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24 Jul 2004 12:44 Confusedone

Awesome IRC
This is the best IRC I've used. Works well on windoze as on linux. Someday when I update my webpages....This will be a must add.

21 Jun 2003 00:35 simonsunnyboy

great IRC client
The best IRC client with GUI for Unix systems sofar!

15 Nov 2002 09:52 goodq

Great App
The program is very easy to use and im very impressed with the configure script.
I was wondering how do you make the background transparent?

10 May 2002 10:53 BirkoffS1

Re: Script for BrasIRC (Brazilian IRC Network)
There is also a Freshmeat page for this project now: (

08 May 2002 09:58 BirkoffS1

Script for BrasIRC (Brazilian IRC Network)
I want to anunciate that I am developing a Kvirc 2.1.1 script for the BrasIRC network (Brazilian IRC network) with a lot of nice features like:
Nickserv AutoIdentification without limit of nicknames
Auto Join without limit of channels
Away system
Easy access to many kvirc and Services (Nickserv, Chanserv, Memoserv) functions.
This script is designed for the BRASIRC network, some features will not work (for now) in other networks.

01 Mar 2002 10:29 peterh40

Re: Console? never

23 Feb 2002 02:43 juanjux

Re: re-connect upon server disconnection/re-join channel upon server disconnection

> KVirc rulez. Its also the most stable
> gui irc client abail. but for idling, it
> sucks that i have to wake up to see just
> the @CONSOLE window open and not my
> channels any more.
> auto re-connect upon disconnect/auto
> re-join upon disconnect .. then i'll
> have it all ;)

KVIrc3-CVS and the lasts versiones of 2.1 has it :)

12 May 2001 21:59 pei1

Kvirc is so cool...
This has got to be the best IRC client for X there is.
I've tried all the other ones, this is the one to get!
Kudo's Szymon!


11 Apr 2001 04:35 menno1980

Re: Console? never
LOL .. you'r replying to an two years old message.. :) I think some things may have changed in both X-Chat and Kvirc in those 2 years

15 Feb 2001 13:15 xlogic

Re: Console? never
What did you say ?
Ah, I agree...BitchX sucks if you don't know how use it...anyway, I think KVirc is for beginners...if you really want a X client, try XChat. C U


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