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KVirc is a Visual Internet Relay Chat Client based on the Qt library. Features include a MDI user interface, drag & drop, built-in scripting language (aliases, popups and events), customizable backgrounds and colours, DCC (chat, send with resume, voice), CTCP functions, mIRC colour support with preview, notify list, online help and configurable logging.

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Release Notes: The major version increment from 3 to 4 reflects a big milestone reached by the project: the port to Qt4 has been officially completed. New features include a totally rewritten MDI subsystem, better support for CAPS, STARTTLS, SASL authentication, and IRC services, a new UPnP module to remotely map router ports for DCC, a graphical add-on packager, support for animated avatars, support for DBus inter-process communication, many new options, many new KVS commands, a visual class editor for OO scripting, a brand new build system based on CMake, and many bugfixes.

  •  06 Mar 2005 08:05

Release Notes: This release is the result of several months of testing, debugging, and improving. It includes Perl scripting support, drag and drop toolbar editing, better Unicode support (adaptive decoding engines and very flexible charset settings), an "Instant-Messenger-like" notifier window, a status bar with applets, micryption support, DCC bandwidth limits, and several scripting engine enhancements including translation capabilities and dcop communication calls.

  •  02 Jun 2004 18:37

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs, enforces the security, and updates the online documentation. There are also some small new features like the export function for the events or the echoprivmsg command.

  •  31 May 2004 13:42

Release Notes: Since the 2.* releases, the source code has been almost completely rewritten. The major differences are the multiserver support, full IPv6 support, SSL support (also over IPv6), Unicode support for the user interface, a better scripting language, and a basic theme engine.

Release Notes: 90% of the 2.* branch features have been already re-implemented and there are many new things to play with. There is a work-in-progress UNICODE port: the UI starts to "speak" foreign (non Latin1) based languages. Window based IRC character set mapping has been implemented (with 8 commonly used codepages for now). Some modules have been removed from the main distribution: they will be released as separate packages. The scriptcenter dialog has been split into smaller pieces and a GUI toolbar editor has been added. There are tons of bugfixes and improvements.

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24 Jul 2004 12:44 Confusedone Thumbs up

Awesome IRC
This is the best IRC I've used. Works well on windoze as on linux. Someday when I update my webpages....This will be a must add.

21 Jun 2003 00:35 simonsunnyboy Thumbs up

great IRC client
The best IRC client with GUI for Unix systems sofar!

15 Nov 2002 09:52 goodq

Great App
The program is very easy to use and im very impressed with the configure script.
I was wondering how do you make the background transparent?

10 May 2002 10:53 BirkoffS1 Thumbs up

Re: Script for BrasIRC (Brazilian IRC Network)
There is also a Freshmeat page for this project now: (

08 May 2002 09:58 BirkoffS1 Thumbs up

Script for BrasIRC (Brazilian IRC Network)
I want to anunciate that I am developing a Kvirc 2.1.1 script for the BrasIRC network (Brazilian IRC network) with a lot of nice features like:
Nickserv AutoIdentification without limit of nicknames
Auto Join without limit of channels
Away system
Easy access to many kvirc and Services (Nickserv, Chanserv, Memoserv) functions.
This script is designed for the BRASIRC network, some features will not work (for now) in other networks.


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