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KThinkBat is a laptop battery monitor for the KDE-Kicker. It is inspired by the "Battery Maximizer" included with Levono (former IBM) ThinkPads. Although there are allready some battery monitor applications for the K-Desktop Environment, they ar mostly too small to see the current battery charge at a glance. Features include display of current battery strength as a percentage, and visually as a gauge, display of the current online/offline state, and display of current power consumption. It has support for a second battery. On ThinkPads, it can use the SMAPI BIOS interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Dec 2007 17:21

    Release Notes: Beta support for the new sysfs ACPI interface 'power_supply' for Linux Kernels >=2.6.24_rc1. Refactored battery backends. Each backend has its own driver now. Currently available battery drivers are ACPI, ACPI_SYSFS (alpha), and SMAPI, but writing other driver should be easy. 'make install' installs kthinkbat_panelapplet.{la,so} into $PREFIX/lib/kdeX. Translation updates to German, Italian, and Slovak. A regression bug where "mWh" was used instead of the correct "mW" unit has been fixed. This release will not show percentage values greater than 100.

    •  29 Jul 2007 15:06

      Release Notes: This version comes with overhauled internal battery handling. This will be visible only for those users which have more than one battery in their laptop. Calculations of summarized remaining time was improved a lot. A new translation into Czech was added. The Kubuntu team requested to add Some missing license files were added to the tarball to allow the Kubuntu team to include KThinkBat in the next Kubuntu release.

      •  02 Jun 2007 21:25

        Release Notes: There are a lot of changes in the usability area of KThinkBat, especially in the configure dialog. The configuration dialog was reworked and more internal parameters are now configurable to fix an issue with uncommon ACPI implementations. The dialog now has three tabs, and all options were reordered to fit one of three categories: General, Appearance, and Advanced. Users unsure about their concrete ACPI setup can just leave the "override advanced settings" checkbox unchecked and should be fine with KThinkBat's internal default settings.

        •  29 Apr 2007 20:13

          Release Notes: Beside more complete translation, this version deals with laptops whose batteries don't provided correct power consumption values. On those laptops, older KThinkBat versions didn't calculate reliable remaining time information. All users with ACPI or SMAPI-based batteries should be able to use all features of this release.

          •  03 Apr 2007 19:23

            Release Notes: This release brings more complete translations into more languages and a polished icon set. The remaining time format is now hour:minute instead of just minutes, because it is more readable.


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