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Release Notes: This release adds configurable keyboard shortcuts, KDE Kiosk support, and minor user interface improvements. Language translations were updated.

Release Notes: This release for KDE4 includes many new features, including a "When selected application exit" trigger, progress bar, and notifications. Language translations were added. Bugfixes and minor improvements were made.

Release Notes: The main window, settings dialog, and other parts of the user interface have been redesigned and improved. A panel Applet, menu bar, tray icon configuration, and more have been added.

Release Notes: This release added a Wizard, KDE Kiosk support, "Extras" (user commands), options in the "Statistics" tab, a time argument for the command line, and a Dutch translation. The sound configuration, setup script, and user interface were improved.

Release Notes: UI improvements, a system tray context menu, a FAQ file, "embedded" tool tips, new icons, and bugfixes. Now you can directly specify the delay in seconds, minutes, or hours. The default external commands have been changed to /sbin/reboot and /sbin/poweroff.

Release Notes: This release features standard GUI items, optional passive popup warning messages, status info, an install script (./Setup), simple system tray configuration, support for /sbin/shutdown, xlock, and user commands, command line options for locking the screen (-k and --lock), a new settings dialog, code and API cleanups , different "cancel" button texts (Close/Cancel), and "What's This?" information.


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