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Version 0.1.5 Beta of KShutdown

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made. The warning message box was improved. The scheduler and DCOP server were improved (but are still under construction). Code cleanups were done. Memory leaks were fixed. A cancel option was added to the command line.

Other releases

Release Notes: This final release brings systemd support and better compatibility with modern Linux distributions. Basic Cinnamon Desktop Environment support was added. Language translations were updated and improved.

Release Notes: This Beta release includes basic password protection which allows you to block or limit some features. The "kworkspace" library dependency was removed (libkworkspace is no longer required to build KShutdown for KDE). Language translations were updated.

Release Notes: This final and stable release brings only minor improvements. Language translations and Qt libraries were updated. A summary of changes since version 2.0 includes: support for non-KDE desktop environments (compile using ./ script), basic support for Haiku OS, better integration with KDE, support for Qt 5, more system tray options, a Bookmarks menu, many bugfixes, and more. This release replaces KShutdown 2.0, which is now obsolete.

Release Notes: This release adds a Bookmarks menu which allows you to quickly select your favorite options. A bug on Linux systems without ConsoleKit installed was fixed. Language translations were updated.

Release Notes: This Beta release adds Razor-qt and MATE Desktop Environment support. Serbian and Brazilian Portuguese translations have been updated. Integration with KDE 4 has been improved.


Project Spotlight


A network IDS and IPS engine.


Project Spotlight


A tool that finds "orphaned" RPM packages.