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KRunning is a database manager to track your personal running (track, jogging, etc.) events. It prints all results and a document for each runner.

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Release Notes: This version adds a French translation, an SQLite update, and bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in DBConnection which occurred if the wrong filename was selected in the filename dialog, removes the old connection dialog, fixes a focus mistake (event dialog), adds a Team Im/Export function, fixes recent files entries, and replaces the KTextEdit Widget which caused some compile problems.

  •  21 Apr 2003 05:18

Release Notes: This version includes an SQLite update to 2.8.0, gcc 3.2 compile fixes, fixes for a bug that meant that no more runners could be added to an SQLite database, and a new SQLite database selection dialog.

Release Notes: New icons were added, and all icons were converted to PNG. A drag and drop bug in the position control widget was fixed, and the count function was changed to get count (*) from all tables using countString. The grant statements were changed to make sequences public, and a comment column was added to store comments for each runner. A header was added to the printed result lists, and a compilation error in Time.cpp was corrected.

Release Notes: This release adds exporting of the Result List as an HTML file, Runnernumbers to Teamresultlist and Teamnames to Classresultlist, print improvements, and Time Import for timecount files.


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