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kReiSSy is an integrated RSS feed reader and Web browser implemented in pykde. Its distinctive feature is that you can tag any article you read in the Internet and it becomes an article you can view, search, and tag in the main interface.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2008 17:35

    Release Notes: This release supports feeds without full information (no title, etc). More keyboard navigability support: C-{Left,Right,Up,Down,PgUp,PgDn} goes to the post view while the focus is in the posts list. More complete install instructions (because now it can install). Creates the database in the user's .kde directory.

    •  08 Jan 2008 10:06

      Release Notes: This release supports sqla 0.4.2x. The executable and packages are finally named "kreissy". Indexes are now created for some columns besides IDs. Upgrading info was provided in an UPGRADING file. The tag combo now supports completion. Post count is now shown per tag. Encoding problems were fixed. Everything is now Unicode except for URLs. The feed parser now reads the feeds directly from URLs. Small bugs were fixed.

      •  15 Dec 2007 11:55

        Release Notes: A "NameError: global name 'ftw' is not defined" bug was fixed.

        •  05 Dec 2007 17:32

          Release Notes: Browsing does not open new tabs. This release can show any file types KDE can handle via embedding KParts. There are many bugfixes. Support has been added for both sqlalchemy 0.3.x and 0.4.x. There are fixes in post-per-feed counting. This release has more and better post states: new, unread, read, read later/important, and delete. DCOP support has been added.

          •  02 Oct 2007 06:57

            Release Notes: Just one feature was added. It counts the new, unread, and old posts, but shows only the first two. This release also contains a bug that hangs the database when you select two tags at the same time.


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