Version 0.14.0 of kramdown

Release Notes: This release contains a backwards-incompatible change: setting the code language now use the HTML class '.language-CODELANG' instead of the attribute 'lang'. Other changes in this release include the possibility of setting the code language on the starting line of a fenced code block and a way of excluding certain headers from the table of contents by assigning the '.no_toc' class to them.

    Other releases

    •  08 Dec 2013 21:12

      Release Notes: This release brings a pure Ruby PDF converter based on the Prawn library. Apart from that, there are many minor changes and bugfixes. Updating to this version is recommended.

      •  31 Aug 2013 20:32

        Release Notes: The main new feature of this release is a parser for Github-flavored Markdown. Some bugs were fixed, as well.

        •  03 Jul 2013 02:11

          Release Notes: This is just an incremental release bringing two new features and several bugfixes.

          •  09 May 2013 11:38

            Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. Upgrading is highly recommended.

            •  10 Mar 2013 19:07

              Release Notes: This release marks kramdown as mature and the API as fixed. Note that from this release onwards, kramdown is licensed under the MIT license instead of the GPL.


              Project Spotlight


              A data munging language.


              Project Spotlight

              Mozilla Firefox

              A Mozilla-based browser.