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Kraft is a KDE application for people who run a small business. It helps create and manage business communication documents like offers and invoices, and focuses on ease of use and high quality PDF output. Kraft is not a specialized in a certain trade or craft. Instead, it covers the practical issues of a small business and helps through easy-to-use yet powerful features to deal with most of the office jobs effectively.

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Recent releases

  •  25 Dec 2012 09:02

    Release Notes: With this release multiple tax rates are supported within one document, addressees can be added to a document even if the document already exists, and documents display a page number on page two to end. On insertion of a new item to a document, the new item is focussed automatically. Manually added items can be added to the catalogue on entering again. The document type configuration dialog was reworked. The amount of processed SQL commands on setup is correct. Document saving is now faster.

    •  13 Nov 2011 15:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that printed incorrect decimal places on PDF documents, which resulted in incorrect calculations on the document.

      •  07 Nov 2011 12:55

        Release Notes: This version brings fully Akonadi-based address book integration with many bugfixes and improvements in usage. Multiple address books are now handled correctly. The whole address selection widget has been improved with search fields, a detail view of the selected addresses, and direct access buttons to edit and add contacts. Loading speed has been improved tremendously. The text template widget (from which the user picks template texts for header and footer texts) has been completely reworked. A lot of bugs have been fixed. Kraft now supports localized document templates.

        •  20 Apr 2011 20:26

          Release Notes: This version contains large changes in the item template catalog handling. Catalogs can now have an arbitrary depth of sub chapters. The sequence of templates within the sub chapters is user editable by drag and drop. Deletion of templates was added. This release has a newly designed and improved document digest list view resulting in faster and nicer view. The script that converts RML to PDF was reworked; now it depends on Python only. Many bugfixes went into Kraft, especially in the area of the KDE address book integration, text template handling, and more.

          •  18 Apr 2010 18:06

            Release Notes: This is the first version that is based on KDE 4. There is a new setup assistant that starts automatically on the first startup of Kraft. It takes the database details and creates and populates the database layer automatically. This release supports SQLite as an embedded database backend (in addition to MySQL). Both changes make the setup of Kraft even easier.

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            Change name
            You might consider changing the project's name in case certain copyright lawyers should venture by.


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