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Release Notes: This release included improved integration with BEA Weblogic Server. The query cache now caches aggregates and projections. Support for savepoints and Oracle Objects was also added. The Tangosol plug-in now supports the caching of queries. Several bugs were fixed.

  •  29 Mar 2005 21:38

Release Notes: In this release, several bugs and inefficiencies are addressed resulting in improved queries, more efficient raw SQL handling, and more stable profiling. Oracle 10 and MySQL integration is improved. Error messaging has been improved.

Release Notes: This release includes many new JDO 2 preview features, including Single Field Identity, which allows for the use of application identity without writing object ID classes when using a single primary key field. It also includes several major improvements to the Kodo Workbench. Kodo now provides support for Apache Derby/Cloudscape and offers finer grained control over timed cache invalidation. JMX 1.2 is now supported. Performance enhancements were made to the Remote PersistenceManager capability. Improved support for Java 5 enums and generics was provided.

  •  04 Feb 2005 21:59

Release Notes: A couple bugs related to query caching were fixed. More support for generics was added. A MaximizeBatchSize configuration option was added to the default kodo.jdbc.UpdateManager property. It defaults to true, indicating that Kodo should sort statements in order to optimize batch size when statement batching is on.

Release Notes: The reverse mapping tool interface in the workbench is now a guided wizard that allows the user to customize various aspects of the reverse mapping process. Numerous JDO 2 JDOQL preview features are available: single-string JDOQL queries, implicit JDOQL parameters and variables, named queries, and subqueries. Optional automatic management of inverse relations are now supported. There are many improvements to the Kodo Workbench. Eager fetching is improved.

  •  01 Sep 2004 01:15

Release Notes: When setting kodo.ProfilingInterface to export, default export interval is now -1, indicating that only a final export will be created. Also, a number of bugfixes were made, including for a possible exception when attaching a new embedded object, checking for lock-group when using state- image version indicators, production of a final profiling export when setting kodo.ProfilingInterface to export, and a fix for DBDictionary to allow column auto-increment sequence names longer than 31 by adding a MaxCharactersInAutoIncrement property.

  •  01 Aug 2004 18:00

Release Notes: Firebird and Borland Interbase support is now available. ClassDBSequenceFactory can now ignore horizontally mapped classes when determining primary key values. A bug in appidtool that could result in invalid application identity subclass generation when the application identity superclass had one or more Date primary key fields has been fixed. The reverse mapping tool now honors the DBDictionary's UseSchemaName property when deciding whether to qualify table names in generated mappings.

  •  05 Jul 2004 09:10

Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes. Several new features were added, including the ability for subclasses in an application inheritance hierarchy to define additional primary key fields. The Kodo Development Workbench now includes options for previewing the metadata and mappings in XML form. In addition, you can now edit foreign keys and use them in the visualization process. The reverse mapping tool accepts a new option to map binary columns to java.lang.Object fields, rather than to byte[] fields. Several improvements were made to logging.

Release Notes: An XML store manager example is included to allow developers to see how simple it is to use the Abstract Store Manager to access data in non-relational back ends. This example also allows developers to access data in XML files via Kodo. The Kodo Workbench now includes a live JDOQL query executor and result browser to simplify query development. Kodo also now supports byte array primary key fields for legacy schemas that use binary columns for primary keys, and includes support for data compression and filtering when using remote persistence managers. Several bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: This release focuses primarily on tooling. The Kodo Management Console was significantly improved with the addition of the Kodo Profiler for self-diagnosing and correcting performance problems and other inefficiencies. The Kodo Development Workbench was also improved. The Abstract Store Manager, the building block for allowing you to add support for non-relational data stores, was released with an XML file example. Custom lock groups, allowing field-level optimistic locking granularity and horizontal O/R mapping support, were added.


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