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Attention to users on v4.32

Users on v4.32 are STRONGLY ADVISED to upgrade onto version 4.33, especially if security and anonymity are concerns to you or your users.

Version 4.32 introduces a bug that could potentially cause decoding of the URL encryption key due to poorly designed HTML form sending cleartext URLs alongside encrypted ones.

If you have upgraded to v4.32 and are experiencing blockages(when accessing sensitive sites), please upgrade to version 4.33 and change your secret key!

For users on versions prior to 4.32, an upgrade to 4.33 is RECOMMENDED for it fixes a bug in the URL parser unit/

For the Simplified Chinese version of the details of the upgrade, please visit


Project Spotlight


A fully-featured launchd front-end for managing and debugging system and user services.


Project Spotlight


A PHP class to authenticate and manage OTP user tokens for strong authentication.