Version 0.5.6 of Knotter

Release Notes: This release adds more editing options, a customizable interface, and some bugfixes.

Other releases

  •  19 Dec 2013 10:32

    Release Notes: The plugin infrastructure has been gretly improved. There are now plugins that allow easy interactions with external programs and an online plugin repository accessible from Knotter itself. This release also has an improved user interface and several bugfixes.

    •  19 Oct 2013 18:53

      Release Notes: This release adds more user interface customization, better style handling, and new plugins.

      •  13 Jun 2013 08:11

        Release Notes: This release has been focused mostly on improving the plugin facilities. This has led to a better infrastructure for creating and managing plugins, and several new pre-installed plugins were added. Other changes include a more polished user interface and improved editing tools. Many bugs have been fixed.

        •  06 Jun 2013 14:52

          Release Notes: The scripting interface has been greatly improved. As a result there are new pre-installed plugins. The new plugins allow you to create a large base knot with minimal effort. A new "Toggle Edges" tool that allows you to add and remove edges with a single click was added. Some minor new features include the option to turn antialiasing off to improve performance, an option to keep the knot style between sessions, and support for background images in exported images. Several bugs were fixed.

          •  24 May 2013 19:54

            Release Notes: The most notable changes are the ability to add multiple borders to the knot and a plugin interface to create custom cusp shapes. This version contains several bugfixes, as well.


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            Project Spotlight

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