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No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: The Euro symbol works again in konsole, but font scanning at startup is slow (fontconfig?). This release adds a bittorrent ncurses client and an ALSA package update. The "knoppix testcd" option is now more verbose. The default timings in monitor detection have changed. This may give better results with DDC-capable monitors, but you will probably have to use "knoppix vsync=60" for non-DDC-capable TFT displays. There have been the usual bunch of Debian package updates.

Release Notes: This version features a new background picture, the usual lot of updates, OpenOffice 1.1 (English and German), and KDE 3.1.4 (partly, some packages are still missing). It removes compressed changelogs for space reasons.

Release Notes: AX25 protocol support has been added. The boot option tohd=hda1 has changed to tohd=/dev/hda1 for consistency. There is a new and improved unofficial installer "knoppix-installer", and a service menu for Samba exporting. Xchat has been re-added. ddcxinfo-knoppix now uses the extended monitor modelines from Kano by default.

Release Notes: Software updates, a new version of loop-aes, and hardware detection updates. apmd is now always started.

Release Notes: This release has an hpijs inkjet driver update, a LILO update (fixed RAID support), qtparted, libsmbclient, and ethtool.

Release Notes: Software updates.

Release Notes: cdbakeoven has been replaced by k3b. Boot options keyboard= and xkeyboad= have been added. A contributed compressloop has been added to the cloop-utils package. Compression level for the compressed iso9660 image is now 9 by default. Hardware detection has been updated with the Trident X module and more wireless cards. There is some KDE menu restructuring and knx-hdinstall 0.37.

Release Notes: An updated Mozilla, cloop support using the kernel's zlib_deflate function, and an updated mount-aes. clara was replaced with gocr, and knx-hdinstall 0.35 was included to give filesystem choices and initrd support.

Release Notes: This release has a Spanish translation for (/usr/local/bin/)knx-hdinstall, a WINE update (20021031/unstable), the correct DHCP entry in /etc/network/interfaces with netcardconfig, and a PCMCIA update (3.2.2).


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An application for tagging your files and navigating them as a virtual filesystem.


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