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KMush is a simple MU* client for the K Desktop Environment that uses the Qt Jambi bindings. Its intended use is for soft coding and role playing in MUSH environments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jan 2008 20:45

    Release Notes: This release features an upgrade to Qt Jambi from the old KDE3 QtJava bindings, multi-threading, and support for MUD Compression Protocol and MUD Sound Protocol. It runs on any platform supporting Qt Jambi.

    •  19 Aug 2006 07:29

      Release Notes: This release features support for basic logging, improved telnet negotiation, and ANSI color schemes. It also includes a number of minor user interface improvements and assorted bugfixes.

      •  01 Aug 2006 06:52

        Release Notes: This release features a new installation process using ahead of time compilation and linking with GCJ and the Autotools (configure, make, make install), as well as a number of bugfixes and feature completions. The Java sources are now compiled and linked by GCJ into an executable. A standard installation is now as easy as 'make install'.


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        Project Spotlight

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