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Version 0.9.14 of KMD

Release Notes: Jimulator has been configured to execute most ARM demon SWI calls, including file operations and terminal communication. A terminal was added to jimulator, and is linked to the read and write character SWI instructions. "System" is now used rather than "exec" to allow the emulators to be placed anywhere in the path. The program was ported to MacOS X, and bugs in the interface to libbfd in Mac OS X were fixed.

Other releases

Release Notes: An "align" command has been added to chump to ensure word alignment of instructions, along with enum allowing multiple entries for the same enumeration. There are multiple names for registers in the front interface. Memory window width varies depending on the instruction set.

  •  28 Dec 2003 07:17

Release Notes: Chump is now capable of assembling for larger word size architectures than the one it is running on. The Thumb (ARM16) architecture has been added, allowing assembly and disassembly.

  •  11 Dec 2003 11:43

Release Notes: The ability to add/change symbols from line assembler, and symbols using lists rather than arrays for easy addition and removal. Full expression parsing including hex/dec/oct/ascii/symbols. In chump, recursive calls have been fixed, line comments have been added, and there is an ASCII converter to allow strings and basic error reporting on failed "assemble and load" operations.

  •  09 Oct 2003 14:09

Release Notes: The option of using chump to compile a source file and then load it has been added. Chump can now handle some symbol generation such as labels. Currently only first pass has been implemented, so forward label reference is not yet possible. A big revamp of the user interface, especially in simple mode, has been applied, as well as keeping the file list from a previous session.

  •  30 Aug 2003 10:52

Release Notes: A symbol table extracted from the ELF loaded files is now passed to chump to allow the use of symbols in the disassembly field and the line assembler. The compile script can now pass colour codes to the log window and the resultant executable filename to automatically place into the load field.


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