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KMAGO (MAnager of Get Operations) is a KDE-based download manager. It features drag and drop operations, group management of transfers, control of multiple downloads with priority and selectable priority policy, resume capability check, full configurability, and the ability to choose different programs for use as a downloading backend.

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RSS Recent releases

  •  16 Nov 2003 09:59

Release Notes: This release has been ported to KDE 3, and has some minor bugfixes and changes.

  •  19 Apr 2001 13:36

Release Notes: A new DCOP interface, and fixes for restoring, "start with resume check", fatal error management, and some other minor bugs.

  •  05 Apr 2001 02:43

Release Notes: Changes in this release: rearranged clipboard operations. The code is now ready for translations. Added "disable http cache" kio config entry. Added event notification on transfer start, error, complete, application quit. Added menu entries for exit on idle, kill all, execute on idle. Added conf entry for "idle command." Added a bunch of options to control run-time behaviour. Added transfer's download progress windows, with tray icon.

  •  25 Mar 2001 07:29

Release Notes: A "set" entry in menu to modify some settings has been added, including priority. "minimum bandwidth" manager configuration entry has been added as well as an option to run as a single application. "settings" dialog is now included in the "configure" dialog, the "status" dialog is now read-only. "disable cookie" configuration entry for kio transfer has been added. New managers view based on ListView. "exit-on-idle" option, to enable the program to stop when there are no transfers available to download. "download-lock" option added to enable/disable download lock. Document format has been changed, added version control. There are many more changes.

  •  03 Feb 2001 19:26

Release Notes: This release adds many fixes in kio, visual improvements, transfers' details settings, a renameable manager, menus extensions, and minor fixes in wget parsing.


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