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Release Notes: This version is based on The new printk coloring, xt_TEE, xt_TCPOPTSTRIP, xt_time, xt_layer7 2.14, and aufs patches were added.

Release Notes: A few components have been minimally upgraded: ipt_layer7 (2.9), ndis (1.38), and chaostables (0.5_svn24).

Release Notes: tproxy, l7-filter 2.8, squashfs 3.2, and fuse 7.8 were upgraded. New components are openswan and chaostables 0.4.

Release Notes: New nf_layer7 (2.6), unionfs (cvs), rt2x00A (legacy), rt2x00N (cvs), and ndis (1.28) packages.

Release Notes: This release was synchronized to 2.6.18. It includes final tproxy 2.0.5, ndis 1.24rc3, squashfs 3.1, quad_dsp 1.5, and a relatively new unionfs snapshot.

Release Notes: Updated for nf_layer7-2.5, tproxy-2.0.5, and a new ralink CVS snapshot have been integrated.

Release Notes: Updated to new NDIS, and NDIS builds on x86_64 again.

Release Notes: ndis and cdemu were updated.

Release Notes: The reiser4, ralink, and ndiswrapper patches have been updated. A new version of tproxy has been added again for testing.

Release Notes: New sub-patches to the set are: ttyrpld 2.18, multiadm 1.0.6, quad_dsp 1.4, unionfs 20060710, and ndis 1.19rc2.


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Protocol Buffers for R6RS Scheme.


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Ada EL

A library which implements an expression language similar to JSP and JSF.