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Kiwi Manager is an online project management application. Its features include an AJAX interface, Gantt and PERT charts, progress and financial reports, earned value analysis of project performance, resource calendars, role based user access control, RSS syndication of project activities, project based file repositories with integrated approval and versioning systems, image thumbnail generation, video, Flash, and PDF previews, time tracking, project based forums and help desks, task calendars, and more.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2008 13:19

Release Notes: This release has a new module that sends out notification emails for selected project activities. The behavior of this module can be configured according to your needs under the system tab. In addition, by simply responding to these notifications by email, project users can upload or update files, write file reviews, approve or reject files, and post or respond to forum messages and support tickets.

  •  22 Oct 2007 05:23

Release Notes: Kiwi Manager now supports both recurring and non-recurring events. Currently supported recursion modes include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Additional parameters, such as an until date and an interval, can also be supplied to control the recursive behavior of an event. Other module features include exceptions and instance deletions.

  •  25 Aug 2007 14:25

Release Notes: The dashboard was redesigned and now notifies you of all new project activities related to your account and displays daily activities. Users can now add "public" or "private" notes to their dashboards as reminders of their responsibilities. The deactivation system allows administrators to block users from logging into the system. A task relationship can now be modified to allow an acceleration of or a direct delay in the successor activity.


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