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02 Nov 2000 12:36 stubbyg

The GPL'ness of Kivio
There was a rush to get the first beta out and the licensing wasn't totally worked out. It has since been taken care of and was then posted to Freshmeat, however the web site didn't get updated yet, it will today or tomorrow.

The GPL only stipulates that the source be available, it doesn't say it has to be right there and instantly downloadable. You do have to say how to get it, and that is where we made our main mistake. The source will be available in the next release. It took a while to find all the places to put the GPL notice, and we thought people would be more interested in trying the software than reading the license.

22 Oct 2000 17:20 bubba

this is not GPL
where's the source? you're only distributing binaries and claiming this is GPL. phooey!


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